Here at Northpoint Ltd,  we pride ourselves on consistently offering our customers the highest standard of products possible. Through ongoing trial and testing we can guarantee that we use only the best quality coating on all our products. Our fence coating uses Fencecoat 25 as standard and Interpon D as our premium brand.

Fencecoat 25

Fencecoat 25 – Northpoint’s Standard Coating – is a high performance architectural grade polyester resin powder coating which offers a a 10 year life expectancy (subject to terms and conditions) which can be validated by a Certificate of Conformity.

This fence coating system is appropriate for almost all exterior applications. It is available in an extensive range of colours with an expectation that where maintained properly it will provide up to 25 years service.

Fencecoat 25 meets or exceeds the requirements of BS 1722 Pt 16 1992.

Interpon D

Interpon D-1036 – Northpoint’s Superior Standard Coating – is an Akzo Nobel branded product developed for use by approved applicators. The specialist applicators have proven through testing that they can meet or exceed the requirements of BS EN 13438 : 2005 and BS 1722 Pt 16 : 1992.

Interpon D-1036 is an architectural grade polyester resin powder coating that is applied where a guarantee is requested (subject to terms and conditions). The Interpon D-1036 coatings used by Northpoint have been tested and approved for the quality mark Qualicoat Class 1 and carry British Board of Agreement (BBA) Certificate No. 91/2704.

For more information on our fence coating range please contact a member of our team today.