Technical Specification

Northpoint Ltd provide high quality fence coating with the following specifications:

Base Metal, Surface Preparation & Coating Specification

  • Items for fence coating should be zinc coated in accordance with BS EN 1461, EN 10142 or EN 10147 All spikes, dross and slivers should be avoided during processing and removed after galvanising where the appearance beneath the coating will be unacceptable to the end user.
  • Steel quality will have a major influence upon the finish quality; silicon content for the steel should be within the range of 0.15 – 0.25%. High silicon steels may produce out gassing coating defects such as pinholes or air bubbles trapped within the fence coating surface.
  • Component surface preparation; cleaning, chemical conversion and final rinsing & coating application meet the requirements of BS EN 13438 : 2005.
  • Surface conditioning / degassing will be at approximately 240°c, coating cure is carried out at 250°c for 20 minutes. The coating thickness will be typically 60 microns minimum on flat surfaces. On welded wire mesh products we achieve 100 microns minimum at the wire weld intersection and typically 150 microns as a mean coating thickness across the whole panel.

If you require more detailed information on an of our fence coating products please see our Technical Downloads or alternatively contact us today.