Polyester Architectural Coating

Northpoint Ltd offer a range of long-term colour Architectural Coating Solutions for galvanised steel components. The coating can be used on a number of components, such as outdoor furniture, hand rails, fencing, lighting columns and park and playground equipment. In fact, most steel surfaces can be coated where a long-term exterior performance is required.

The polyester Architectural Coating is available in a wide range of colours (64 standard colours). The finish is hard, durable and vandal resistant, making it suitable for use in areas of high public contact.

Northpoint’s plant is capable of coating products of up to 12 metres long and 3 metres high. This results in the coating of large two dimensional components being both practical and economically attractive.

Northpoint’s specialist work force recognise the individual needs of our customers, and provide expert advice and  bespoke service packages. Each package is tailor-made providing our customers with the ability to select the most suitable service to meet their individual needs.

Our services include stocking of part finished products prior to coating application, order picking from stocks held, stock-holding updates, production planning updates, packing to customer specifications, national collection and distribution services, as well as after sales care including document packages, technical support and warranties.

For full details of the service packages we offer please contact one of our Account Managers for more information or for a bespoke quote.