Architectural Powder Coatings

Northpoint provides a range of Architectural Powder Coatings which are suitable for use in areas of high public contact such as children’s play equipment, handrails and outdoor seating.

Virtually any galvanised or carbon steel component can be coated in polyester powder colour coating. Alternatively, carbon steel products can be colour coated in PPA571 thermoplastic.

Our architectural coatings are available in a wide range of colours which can be found here. The range coatings are ideal for areas that are subject to high public contact. Architectural coatings include:-


  • PPA571 is a ‘warm to touch’ alternative to polyester coating. Although the colour range is less extensive, PPA571 is particularly useful where access handrails or seating are required in coated form.
  • PPA571 has high levels of durability, weatherabilty and long-term adhesion to both steel and aluminium.
  • 12th anniversary checks were carried out on the supports and tubular structures of the Pasarela Peolonal de Angora, a 25-metre footbridge over a railway in the Northern coastal town of San Sebastian, Spain. The results demonstrated that the PPA571 coating was still in ‘perfect condition’ and the coated steelwork of the bridge showed no signs of under-film corrosion or blistering.

Architectural Coating

Polyester powder coating is designed for external use and is ideal for architectural components. The coating provides exceptional colour and gloss retention in outdoor exposure, where UV stability and weather resistance is required. It is durable and has very good abrasion resistant properties. Typical applications for polyester powder coatings include signage steelwork, entrance features, bridge parapet steelwork, architectural steelwork features and highway acoustic barrier fence posts, to name a few.

Architectural Powder CoatingsArchitectural Powder Coatings 2

If you would like more information on our range of architectural coatings, or for a bespoke quote, please contact our team today.