Customer Testimonials

Northpoint works closely with a worldwide customer base, delivering high quality coating solutions from pipe coating and fence coating, to architectural coating and chemical coating. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and maintain a strong reputation in the UK and abroad.
It is always great to know that our customers are happy. Below are a list of testimonials:
“The people in Poland love Northpoint’s Commercial Bakeware for its strength and long-lasting Xylan Release Coating. One of our clients has achieved over 4000 bake cycles so far and expect to reach 6000 bake cycles before replacement. The equipment is strong and long-lasting!”
Solutions Polska, Keith Shortley, Owner
“Northpoint’s Teflon Release Coating have achieved over 3000 bake cycles and are still going.” Baker of Bread for Breadcrumbs based in Banbury, UK
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