Northpoint Ltd are  UK market leaders in Architectural Powder Coating solutions for both decorative and functional purposes. Our Fence Powder Coatings are used on perimeter systems around industrial buildings, public infrastructure and high sensitivity areas.  Our Pipe Coatings are used in water treatment plants, gas handling equipment and fire suppressant systems. Our chemical coating service offers a cost effective protection. It is ideal for equipment that regularly comes in to contact with industrial chemicals and the environment. Our Chemical Coating range is suitable for use in full vacuum conditions and approved for use in the food and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries.

Northpoint Ltd offer a range of long-term colour architectural powder coating solutions for galvanised steel components such as fencing, street furniture, hand rails, lighting columns and playground equipment. In fact, we can coat most steel surfaces where a long-term exterior performance is required. Northpoint also offer a range of coating solutions for fluid and gas handling equipment including portable and waste water treatment facilities, as well as chemical, pharmaceutical and industrial items of plant and equipment, these too can be colour coded according to the eventual use.

The fence & architectural powdder coatings are available in a wide range of colours (64 standard colours) the finish is hard, durable and vandal resistant making it suitable for use in areas of high public contact.

Northpoint’s Pipe coatings meet a broad range of internationally recognized standards for coatings and surfaces appropriate for use in contact with drinking water/potable water.  On request a Certificate of Conformity will be issued on a contract by contract basis.  We can also provide detailed process management plans, inspection and test plans (quality plans) on request and are more than happy to engage in pre-qualification processes for the pipe coating services we offer.

In addition to these core services Northpoint also offer an industrial bake-ware manufacturing, refurbishment and dry release coating solutions for suppliers to in-store and artisan bakeries; including baking trays, bread tins and many more. Click here to visit the Northpoint Select website.

Our mission:

  • To provide the highest quality products specific to individual client needs
  • To meet all delivery expectations
  • To provide exceptional customer service throughout each stage of the customer journey
  • To provide the best value for money